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CAPTURE Data Services and Bradford Technologies Announce New Integration

New technology integration offers solutions for residential appraisers seeking floor plans to meet the requirements of desktop and hybrid appraisals

Cincinnati, OH – March 21, 2022 – Today, CAPTURE Data Services, LLC, a data & technology company specializing in AI-assisted property data collection, announced a new integration with California-based Bradford Technologies, Inc, a leading provider of appraisal technology solutions.

New requirements for desktop and hybrid appraisals present challenges to appraisers completing these assignments. This new integration seeks to mitigate reliability and data transfer issues by streamlining the flow of data to the appraiser. Both CAPTURE and Bradford Technologies acknowledge the need for appraisers to produce the new appraisals, but also recognize that appraisers must trust the supplied data to generate credible reports. By uniting appraisers with reliable data and streamlining the integration process, Bradford customers will recognize much greater efficiencies producing appraisals.

CAPTURE’s PDC mobile application has completely changed the property data collection experience for appraisers. “CAPTURE has successfully streamlined the data collection process for real estate valuations,” says CAPTURE President Jon Forrester. “We believe we can gain even greater efficiencies by integrating our data directly into the appraisers’ own forms software. For the first time appraisers will be able to see the property data collection in its entirety and easily import the data into the final appraisal report.”

“We continue to strive to support new technologies in the appraisal industry,” says Jeff Bradford, founder of Bradford Technologies. “Our integration with CAPTURE will empower our ClickFORMS appraisers to maintain greater control over property data, and ultimately yield more consistent and reliable reports.” He continued, “We're always looking for new services, like CAPTURE, to provide our customers with new ways to increase their productivity and profitability. We are excited to be able to offer CAPTURE’s PDC solution.”

About Capture Data Services

CAPTURE Data Services, LLC. is a data and technology company, focused on AI-assisted property data collection. CAPTURE’s free PDC mobile application allows appraisers, agents, and homeowners to collect property data for use in real estate valuations. The CAPTURE process produces a standardized and secure set of property data faster than traditional inspections. For more information on CAPTURE Data Services, visit

About Bradford Technologies, Inc.

For over 35 years, Bradford Technologies has been dedicated to producing innovative solutions for valuation professionals. Ranging from the most intuitive appraisal applications available to cutting-edge computer-aided appraisal software, Bradford Technologies continues to develop trailblazing products and services that set the benchmark for the industry. For more information on Bradford Technologies, call 800-622-8727 or visit


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