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Equity Solutions USA Leverages Capture Data Services for Property Data Collection

November 16, 2021, Cincinnati, OH

Today Capture Data Services, an Ohio-based real estate data and technology company, announced a new partnership with Michigan-based appraisal management company, Equity Solutions USA, a leading provider of real estate valuation services.

Equity Solutions USA will be leveraging Capture’s A.I.-assisted technology to collect and distribute property-level data to power all of its desktop appraisal and alternative valuation products. “We continue to be very impressed with Capture’s data collection technology, as well as their ability to incorporate their workflow seamlessly into any valuation product,” said Mike Kirk, CEO of Equity Solutions USA. “With the recent announcement by FHFA, our industry is finally shifting focus towards desktop solutions, a tool that we have been using for years in consumer banking and other segments. Capture’s elegant design and versatile application made them a natural fit for our products.”

Using Capture’s PDC mobile application, users record property attributes, take photographs, generate measurements, and render a digital floor plan within minutes. “We are extremely excited to partner with Equity Solutions,” says Jon Forrester, President of Capture Data Services. “Equity Solutions recognized an opportunity to modernize their product offering across their first mortgage and consumer channels. We have incorporated our property-level data directly into each of Equity’s valuation processes, allowing for faster processing and more reliable reports.”

About Capture Data Services

Capture Data Services, LLC is a data and technology company, focused on AI-assisted real estate data collection. Capture uses a mobile workflow to easily obtain property-level data that can be inserted into any real estate valuation process. Learn more at

About Equity Solutions USA

Equity Solutions USA is a nationwide, independent provider of real estate valuation services, with a network of licensed and certified appraisers in all 50 states. It provides a full range of services to help ensure lenders meet the stringent regulatory compliance requirement in today’s market. Using the latest advances in technology with unparalleled customer service and industry expertise, Equity Solutions places costs and time at the core of its business strategy. Learn more at


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