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PropMix and Capture Data Services Partner to Simplify Bifurcated Appraisals

Cincinnati, Ohio / Aug 31, 2021 / - Today Capture Data Services LLC, a data and technology company, specializing in AI-assisted real estate data collection, announced a partnership with LLC, a leading provider of real estate valuation solutions with their flagship valuation platform called - This partnership will reduce the friction in the bifurcated appraisal process by enabling a seamless integration of property inspection data and analytics in appraisal workflows.

Ideas of modernization and data integrity have been heavily debated topics in the real estate industry for some time. However, technical innovation has been slow to come. Capture Data Services is changing that with its AI-assisted data collection process, which allows its users to quickly capture essential detail about a property in the field. Using Capture’s PDC mobile application, users record property attributes, take photographs, generate measurements, and render a digital floor plan within just minutes. “We have designed a thoughtful mobile experience for beginners and industry experts alike,” states Capture Data Services’ President, Jon Forrester. “The combination of our field-level data with PropMix’s innovative platform creates the most comprehensive valuation solution available.”

By integrating with PropMix’s platform, Capture customers will benefit from innovative valuation products, which enable appraisers to analyze multiple data sets, including MLS Data, public record data, and field-level property data within a single platform and quickly arrive at accurate property values. “Our goal with is to empower our clients to arrive at precise and transparent real estate valuations,” says Daniel Mancino, VP of Data Solutions for PropMix. “We are excited to work with Capture to enable a multifaceted view of property information to improve valuation accuracy and further simplify the valuation workflow.”

About Capture Data Services

Capture Data Services, LLC is a data and technology company focused on AI-assisted property data collection. Capture’s platform simplifies field-level data collection by homeowners, agents, appraisers and data collectors, automating manual tasks that often hinder and introduce error into the data collection process. Capture is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH.

About LLC is a real estate data, insights, and solutions company with deep experience in commercializing Artificial Intelligence. PropMix’s platform and solutions are widely used by mortgage lenders, appraisers, realtors, and investors. Built on industry open standards and with intuitive user experience, empowers appraisers and lenders to seamlessly engage with data and insights to understand collateral risk, assess appraisal complexity, and make valuation decisions. It provides standardization across multiple data sets where appraisers can easily navigate through the data and rely on industry-leading analytics to assist in rendering reliable valuation reports. PropMix was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in New York.



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