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Best practices when starting a new PDC report

When approaching a new property for a PDC report, it is important to have a plan. Users can click through the app menu in whatever order they wish to, but we do have some recommended best practices, especially when an interior and floor scan are required.

  1. We recommend starting with the outside of the property first. Follow the General and Exterior menu cards to document everything before you enter the home.

  2. Upon entering the home, we recommend that you complete the interior menu card. If the property contact is near, you may need them to answer some question for you.

  3. You will need to document every room in the house using the Rooms Management menu card. We recommend that you begin at the highest level of the home. While you work your way down, turn on lights and open interior doors in preparation for the floor scan.

  4. When you begin for do the floor scan, we recommend that you start from the lowest level of the house and work you way up.

  5. Finally, when you PDC is complete, don't forget to go back to turn lights off and close doors.

You're on your way. Go CAPTURE that data!


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