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Perfecting Room Management

The Room Management Menu Card is designed to capture details about all rooms in a structure.

Adding A Level

  • When first enter rooms management, you will be asked to begin with a level. We suggest that you begin with the highest level of the home.

  • Choose your level to begin capturing room data

Adding Rooms

  • There are 3 basic room types:

    • Kitchen, Bathroom, Other (all other room types)

  • Each room will consist of several tasks; photos, materials, condition, and repairs

  • Select the photo icon to take one or more photos of the room. Make sure to find a good angle that shows the room content.

  • Select the appropriate material for each attribute (wall/ceiling, flooring, etc.)

  • Read all of the condition selections carefully and select the one that best describes the material description.

  • Are any repairs needed? - If you use any damages to the material or a repair is needed check YES, if not then check NO

  • If you click YES, then you will see the photo become required. Simply click on the photo icon and take a one or more photos of the repair.

  • Click NEXT to proceed to page 2 of the room. Fill in any additional check boxes that may be applicable

  • The final step in adding the room is to document any improvements. The PDC app will ask if there have any improvements to a room.

    • If you click YES, you will need to fill in the year for the improvement and type in a description.

    • IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you be descriptive for improvements so the person reading this PDC report can conclude what effects these improvements have on the value of the Subject property.

  • When finished simply click “Finish Step”


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