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The Do's and Don'ts of Speaking with Property Contacts

The property contact could be a listing agent, a homeowner, or some other representative. It is important that you consider your words carefully when speaking to a property contact, while onsite. Below is a list of recommendations on how to conduct your self.

REMEMBER: What you say is not as important as what they hear. Sometimes, best intentions can be misconstrued so stick to the fats about the property and try to stay away from opinions on the house or the neighborhood.

IMPORTANT: If the contact has any questions about the process, report, turn times, loan them to contact their lender with any questions


  • be polite

  • tell the contact you are there to collect property data for a real estate valuation

  • mention that you were assigned an order by CAPTURE Data Services

  • mention the lender who ordered the PDC

  • report back to CAPTUE if you encounter any strange situations while performing your assignment


  • tell the contact you are in any way part of the valuation report

  • chat about the value or marketability of the home

  • in any way, indicate that you work for the lender

  • make any promises about turn times, loan status, or communication. Direct contact to their lender for ANY questions


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